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Dump Truck

A dump truck is a vehicle attached to a tipper box, usually used to transport construction materials within cities

Tractor Truck

An articulated vehicle consisting of a towing engine or tractor and a freight-carrying locomotive. Also, the tractor and the trailer are separate, that is, the tractor can be used to transport other trailers

Cargo Truck

A cargo truck is a vehicle designed to transport goods in general. These trucks can operate with either petrol or diesel engines, and there are also electric ones

Tank Truck

A tank truck, water truck or fuel truck, is designed to transport liquids or gases on roads

Light Truck

Light truck with a total vehicle weight of 3,500 tons, characterized by low fuel consumption and easy transportation

Special Truck

Special trucks where the truck is designed to suit works that suit the work environment, such as a truck with a crane, a truck tow cars ..

Most Asked Questions

It is one of the largest Chinese companies in exporting trucks

– Huge towing capacity
– It works strongly and efficiently in paved and non-paved roads
– Competitive prices, cheaper than European trucks and do the same work (higher income with less investment)
Cheap and readily available
– Designed with high efficiency to work in Africa and the Middle East under a harsh work environment
– High ability to work in the environment of the Middle East and Africa

Twice less than the price of European or American trucks

Yes, it can be modified according to the customer’s specifications and requests

Yes, there are automatic driving trucks, and there is also a regular gearbox, according to the customer’s request

It is manufactured according to customer specifications

From 25 to 40 days as a maximum

Depending on the final destination country
– Sudan from 30 to 50 days
– Gulf countries 20 to 30 days
– Egypt 20 to 30 days
For any other country, please contact us through the link

First: Make a contract between the two parties
Second: Pay 30% of the value of the goods
Third: Pay 70% of the value of the goods after manufacturing and before shipment
Fourth: Paying 5% of the purchase value to the company as a service return
Fifth: All papers and bills of lading shall be delivered to the second party ((the buyer))

Yes, we will contact the customer and confirm that the goods are correct. If there is any loss or damage, we will contact the factory in China.

Successful Stories

Today we share with you one of the experiences of customers who replaced the used European trucks with the new SinoTruck, as the price of a new SinoTruck vehicle or tractor is lower than the price of a used European tractor, and in other words, the cost of the new European tractor enables you to buy about three new SinoTruck tractors, and they both perform the same task. Thus, it will do three times the work of a European tractor