Basic Parameters

Overall Dimension: 13500x2500x3950 mm
Tank Capacity: 45 CBM – 60 CBM
Axle Number: 2 Axles / 3 Axles / 4 Axles
Kingpin Size: 2.0 Inch / 3.5 Inch

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Trailer ModelFuel Tank Semi Trailer
Overall Dimension13500x2500x3950 mm
Tare Weight11500 KGS
Loading Capacity60000 liters + 6% expansion approx
Tank BodyTank shell thickness 5mm, front and rear bulkheads 6mm
Compartments5 compartments with 5 sets of manhole cover and 5 sets of sub sea valve
Dischange Equipment5 valves and 2pcs of rubber hose, 6m length
Main BeamQ345 high strength plate, I beam; Height 500mm; Top flange 14mm, middle 10mm, bottom 16mm
Cross BeaQ235 plate, 18mm steel channel
ChKing Pin2.0 Inch or 3.5 Inch, JOST bolt-in typeassis
Landing GearManual operating, two speed, JOST 28 Tons
SuspensionMechanical suspension America type; Spring leaf 90mm x 13mm x 10pc
Axles3 x 13000 KGS; FUWA brand
Tyres315/80R22.5 tubeless tyres
Brake SystemRE6 repay valve, T30/30 spring brake chamber, 40L air tanks
Side Marker LampLED type
Tool BoxStandard 1000x500x500 mm

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